Execute order from non-strategy alert

Basically, this tool is built for executing orders from strategy alerts. But also you can execute orders from non-strategy alert too with some modification of alert message.

In this guide, we set to execute short order when BTCUSD price crossunder trendline on Tradingview as an example.

  1. Click your trendline and then click alert icon

2. Select "Crossing Down" in Condition part of Create alert popup

3. Set your endpoint URL to webhook URL as usual

4. Set alert message like following

	"exchange": "dydx", // or replace with "perpetual"
	"strategy": "CrossunderTrendline",
	"market": "BTC_USD",
	"size": "0.1",
	"reverse": false,
	"order": "sell",
	"position": "short",
	"price": "{{close}}"
  • Replace original "{{strategy.order.action}}" with "buy" or "sell"

  • Replace original "{{strategy.market_position}}" with "long" or "short"

  • Replace original {{strategy.order.price}} with {{close}}

5. Click Create button and Setting is Done!

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