Can I set a dynamic order size value rather than a fixed size?

Yes, you can. please set the value of the size parameter in your alert message as {{strategy.order.contracts}}.

This variable retrieves order size from Tradingview strategy script.

How to deploy the latest version of the tool?

If you set Auto-Deploy setting to "No",

you have to deploy manually on Render's dashboard

What about latency of sending orders by this tool?

1~2 seconds on average.

(Alert is triggered on Tradingview -> sends the alert via webhook(HTTPS) -> sending the order to DEXes).

Executed order is not the same as I intended. What should I do to fix it?

Although it depends on your code of Pine Scripts, first you should first try to set the order size to dynamic one described above.

  • Is it possible to run multiple bots for both dYdX and Perpetual Protocol from a single Render cloud service subscription?

  • Is it possible to run several bots in parallel trading the same symbol (without having to set up a different account for each bot)?

Yes, it's enough to run only a single cloud service instance as long as you trade with the same account.

Simply put, you need 1 server instance per 1 trading account.

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