Set Tradingview strategy alert

  1. Go to the following website and generate an alert message

On this website, users can build JSON formatted alert message easily using the following step.

Input each parameter on the left side and click “GENERATE” button. Then on the right side copy generated JSON by clicking “Copy to clipboard”

We recommend setting a small order size to test your strategy and the bot's behavior.

2. At The Tradingview website, choose Market and strategy you want to use. show that strategy on your chart.

3. At “Strategy Tester” tab, Click the alert button

4. At Create alert popup, Set “Webhook URL” and “Message” and click “Create”

  • Webhook URL: your endpoint URL to receive alerts

  • Message: paste generated JSON which created at Step1

Other fields are optional to set.

That's it! Please wait until your strategy alert is triggered and execute an order

"reverse" parameter

If you set "reverse" parameter to true in the alert message, this tool doubles order size from your second order so that position on dYdX is matched to Tradingview's one. Please give a different strategy name in "strategy" parameter to each strategy.

Each strategy data is stored as a JSON file in /data/strategies folder.

You can reset to the initial state by deleting this JSON file (or modifying in JSON file)

rm -rf ./data/strategies/[mainnet | testent]

Order History CSV

Order history data is stored in /data/exports folder in CSV format.

You can transfer that CSV file by scp command

Alert message JSON format



dydx | perpetual | gmx | dydxv4 | bluefin

If you don't set this parameter, exchange is regarded as "dydx v3" to be compatible with older version.


any string to distinct each strategy

please avoid containing "/"


market to trade.

Must be XXX_USD format(ex. BTC_USD)


Number of order size(amount) or {{strategy.order.contracts}}

ex. 0.1 for 0.1 BTC order. Can be also set to "{{strategy.order.contracts}}" if you want to retreive size from strategy parameter.


Number of order size in USD

Required field for GMX.



optional field when you want to specify size by leverage. ex. 0.1 for 10% of your collateral balance.


true or false

Set true if this strategy takes opposite position on each trade and always has long or short position


{{strategy.order.action}} or "buy" | "sell"

Use {{strategy.order.action}} if order direction is specified on TradingView strategy


{{strategy.market_position}} or "long" | "short" | "flat"




any string

optional but recommended to enhance security

Please specify only one of the size, sizeUsd or sizeByLeverage field.


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