• Can I set a dynamic order size value rather than a fixed size?
Yes, you can. please set the value of the size parameter in your alert message as {{strategy.order.contracts}}.
This variable retrieves order size from Tradingview strategy script.
  • Does this tool support limit order?
No, this tool supports only market order. It's intentional to keep your position on exchange matches to Tradingview's one. (If we use limit order, no guarantee the order is executed and may cause your position mismatch.)
  • What about latency of sending orders by this tool?
1~2 seconds on average.
(Alert is triggered on Tradingview -> sends the alert via webhook(HTTPS) -> sending the order to DEXes).
  • Executed order is not the same as I intended. What should I do to fix it?
Although it depends on your code of Pine Scripts, first you should first try to set the order size to dynamic one described above.
  • Is it possible to run multiple bots for both dYdX and Perpetual Protocol from a single Render cloud service subscription?
  • Is it possible to run several bots in parallel trading the same symbol (without having to set up a different account for each bot)?
Yes, it's enough to run only a single cloud service instance as long as you trade with the same account.
Simply put, you need 1 server instance per 1 trading account.