Run on local PC

This guide shows steps to run the tool on your local.
*You can skip this part and go to Run on cloud service if you don't need to test the tool on your local PC.

Prerequisites of this guide

  • Node.js v16.13.x~
  • yarn v1.22.17~


  1. 1.
    Install source code.
git clone
cd tradingview-alert-connector
2. Get your Keys
a. For dYdX setup, Get STARK_KEY and API_KEY values with this guide (Get testnet Keys at trade.stage.dydx.exchnage)
b. For Perpetual Protocol setup, Export your account's private key
3. Rename ".env.sample" file to ".env"
4. Open .env in an editor and fill each variable

Environment Variables

Your Ethereum Address
Yes for dYdX
STARK_KEY_PAIRS > publicKey value got in step2
Yes for dYdX
STARK_KEY_PAIRS > privateKey value got in step2
Yes for dYdX
API_KEY_PAIRS > "key" value got in step2
Yes for dYdX
API_KEY_PAIRS > passphrase value got in step2
Yes for dYdX
API_KEY_PAIRS > secret value got in step2
Yes for dYdX
Your Private Key of Ethereum Address
Yes for Perpetual Protocol
Unique password to enhance your security. Optional but recommended to be set.
your URL. If you want to add monitoring by, please follow this guide.
5. Install ngrok, sign up, and add authtoken with the following guide
We use ngrok to get public URL and tunnel to your localhost to receive webhook from Tradingview
6. Run the connector web server
Install docker desktop(if not installed yet)
Build and start docker container
// run for mainnet
docker-compose up -d
Open a new terminal window and start ngrok
yarn ngrok:docker

Option2: Run without docker

Install dependencies.
npm install --force
Open Terminal and start the web server
  • For dYdX testnet,
yarn start:test
  • For dYdX and Perpetual Protocol mainnet
yarn start
Open a new terminal window and start ngrok
yarn ngrok
  1. 7.
    check your console running ngrok. outputs should be as follows.
8. Open your browser and access Forwarding HTTPS URL which showed in the console.
*You can ignore security alerts from Chrome browser.
If you see a status message of your set up on your browser, the server is running properly.
9. Go to Test Tradingview strategy alert page and check if you can receive alert from Tradingview